Road construction

We provide road building, asphalting, repair, curb reinforcement, the installation of construction sites and other related services. We carry out this work in the city and the countryside. We can take care of all road construction works from A to Z such as road cleaning part of the road, major preparation, asphalting and curb maintenance. We have extensive experience in the construction of various types of roads and can also install parking lots for vehicles, equipment storage etc.


We employ highly-qualified specialists, ensuring that our work is carried out professionally using the highest quality materials. We guarantee low costs and always take the needs and opinions of the client into consideration to arrive at the best decisions.

We can offer:

Road & street building

We build new roads, including
preparing the base and asphalt.


We carry out major road repairs
and change asphalt pavements.

We work everywhere

We work in all locations,
both urban and rural.

Grounds & etc.

We build parking lots,
equipment storage and more.

Our advantages

  • Full road building from base to asphalt
  • Cleaning and major repairs of old roads, pavement replacement etc.
  • We build streets in cities, roads in distant areas, forests and elsewhere
  • We build parking lots, equipment storage and more.
  • We have extensive experience in building projects of various types of roads
  • We bring all the necessary materials to site using our own transport
  • We always try to ensure the minimum cost, the highest quality and the most competitive price